Salt & Truth presents: The Lab

The Lab, an initiative by Salt and Truth Productions, is a platform dedicated towards developing talents who have interest in the field of film production. This encapsulates all subsectors, including screenwriting, casting, acting, cinematography, etc. At The Lab, making sure that talent does not end up underutilized, is a major drive, and there is no prejudice regarding age, academic background, gender or experience.

A myriad of resources are made available, to ensure that these talented individuals are equipped with the relevant skill set, so that they are able to confidently showcase their work, and compete on the global stage.

The first series in the lab is for upcoming actors looking to be part of their first short film.

So far, a collection of six short films have been produced at The Lab, featuring dazzling debuts by actors such as Lelo Osidipe, and stellar performances by more experienced actors like Josh Anowi, Tolu Eniola, Uzoamaka Onuoha, Victor Achor, and a host of others.

The Lab is dedicated towards garnering talents who are able to tell deeply human stories which will resonate with the hearts of audiences worldwide, while remaining true to their Nigerian roots. The Lab is a pipeline by Salt & Truth, which is a production company with a chosen mandate to create rich, authentic, Nigerian stories for a global audience.

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