Salt & Truth is a Production Company based in Lagos, Nigeria, committed to telling authentic African stories to a global audience.


0ur mission is to develop and deliver premium African content (television, film, documentary, and reality) that is entertaining, memorable, enlightening and thought-provoking.


These are stories of Africans as they are; how they how they , their struggles and victories.

They are the tales of our how they , their struggles and victories., as told by us.

We are changing the narrative of how African characters and stories exist.

Our Team

John Adewusi

Managing Director

With a decade-long career that has spanned marketing, branded content production and storytelling over the past decade, John’s experience cuts across TV, radio, digital media and film.

He has executed production concepts for corporates in telecommunications, financial services and FMCG.

An avid TV watcher, his favourite genres are reality, drama and comedy. You will often find him making small talk with a total stranger at any time.

Jola Ayeye

Creative Director

A true raconteur, Jola has the ability to transform basic lines into an enthralling experience. Well-known for her humorous personality, she believes that at the heart of each and every story is emotion, and without connecting your audience to an emotion there is no story.

A degree in Philosophy and Politics has helped her as a writer, influencing her creation of content for primetime TV as well as digital media.

Very passionate about equity and women’s rights, you can catch her at a nearby rally or fundraiser figuring out a way to make people’s lives better.

Ayodeji Rotinwa

Cultural Communication Advisory

Ayodeji brings with him vast experience as a writer and literary journalist spanning over a decade covering the arts and social justice. With features in many popular editorials such as CNN, the London evening standard, the Financial Times, amongst others, he transcends the typical curator, blending and engaging with the sources of the projects that salt and truth is about, indigenous Nigerians, ensuring their values are adequately carried across.

Rotinwa’s experience also allows him advice on communications management for creative enterprises, in addition to his interest in development communications, and has previously led the same for non-profit organisations.

Oiza Shola

Senior Producer

Oiza has a passion for giving a voice to stories without tainting their originality. With her, words are more than strings of letters; they are the emotions that surround each thought and experience, and delivering all of this to an audience is what brings her true satisfaction.

She is not moved that eyes roll at her number of edits. Whether it be for a one minute advert or a five part documentary, as long as the results are excellent. If you can pry her from her computer, it would most likely be because you offered food.

Richard Davies

Head of Production

Although Richard has a degree in cell biology and genetics, his real love is cinematography. Inspired by Wes Anderson and Martin Scorsese, his dream is to create stories that don’t just speak for a moment, but encourage people to step out of themselves and see life in a new way.

A lover of travel and adventure, Richie is willing to get on a bus, plane or boat if it will take him to a place unknown with a story waiting to be told.

Gbenga Olatunbosun


Obsessed with cars. Gbenga is a mechanical engineering graduate and editor. When he is not worrying about timelines and export time he is thinking, talking about cars.

Egule German Tarimobowei

Production Associate/Intern

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